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VCU Menorah Review Summer/Fall 2014
Number 81
For the Enrichment of Jewish Thought

candelabra gold

A poem by Richard Sherwin

nobody needs another old man
dithering doddering deaf and done
usefulness outlasted none
know what to do with who i am
who knows what to pray for other
than painless dying and food enough
however undeserved and shameless
facing those alive and blameless
so far the sidewalks haven’t slipped
completely out from under me
stumbling falling losing grip
on time and wind and memory
till now the clouds i grab and pull on
haul me upright on my way
to study what i should have studied
all my life and rather failed
hoping to fulfill at least
a part of what my flesh created
soul's house for and mind’s belated
wakening from death defeated
any moment every moment
shrinks into a needle point
all my angels demons homing
in on Gd and out of joint
lord this remnant skeleton
this dust and ashes trashing earth
thanks you for this grace you’ve won
me time to justify my birth
to study talmud truth and law
to hear you voicing disputation
this and that the word of Gd
to take my part in your creation

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