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VCU Menorah Review Winter/Spring 2015
Number 82
For the Enrichment of Jewish Thought

My Friend and I

A poem by Richard Sherwin

my friend cant sleep nights
dreams his family keeps calling him to save them
from the german furnaces
fertilizing europe with jewish ashes

he comes early sabbaths to synagogue
after me
saying I must be hoping to catch Gd

me Im trying to catch me awake
wake up says one lapel button
stop illusions says another
my hari krishna friend gives me

how can you live without illusions
asks my belgian diamond merchant friend

how do you wake up I ask
and why should I want to

he dreams reality
unable to sleep

the lord’s supposed not to slumber
and this is israels redemption begun

whod I be awoken
whod we be
one long war with breaks in between
all our lives

jewhaters bombing our borders
gdhaters stoking furnaces

i gave my soul to gd
to wake and sleep at will
my first sergeant got my body
decades ago

no jonah no job no jesus
except on yom kippur

when all of us come for counting

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