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VCU Menorah Review Winter/Spring 2008
Number 68
For the Enrichment of Jewish Thought


A poem by Richard Sherwin

I have friends more full of faith than I
waiting for the Temple from the sky

Rabbi architects and artists crafting all
the tools of priestly service lamps and altars

Theyre raising herds and flocks for sacrifices
Growing incense wine and herbs for spices

The vestments and the men and choirs are ready
The plans are finished, the will and hands are steady

Talmudic arguments fly fast and thick
Should we wait on Gd or build it quick

Others meanwhile more or less like me
look on enthralled amused or panicky

Or worse indifferent or furious
theyre still imposing Gd and stones on us

Me I leave the Temple to my friends
along with other mountain miracles

I walk my daily prayers along the sea
counting waves and omer, frothing free

And do the most I can of what's to do
Invite a Kohen to a barbecue

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