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VCU Menorah Review Summer/Fall 2008
Number 69
For the Enrichment of Jewish Thought

Two Poems

By Richard E. Sherwin

The Cost of Joy

If it hurts to live on the razor’s edge
you may as well dance

If your legs get shredded on the razor’s edge
you may as well sing

If you hemorrhage song on the razor’s edge
pray it and praise

If you lose your world on the razor’s edge
you may as well dance

And sing because your soul’s not dead
on the razor’s edge

The Only Song …

No doubt about it.
Gds in love. With the Jews. Still.
Go figure it out.
Flaming swords and cherubim.
Molten calves. Still. In love. Them.
What’ve they to do
Before He gives up the ghost.
His. Theirs. Loves. Exiles
Nor returns change anything.
What kind of knowing is this.
Crazy and whats worse
They’re just as mad about Him.
Still. Go figure it out. Fires
Furnaces and promises
Deferred in clouds of ashes.
Wandering the streets
Of time. Bloody from cops lead
capes and postgodly
sophists bedevilings. Still.
Gd seeks. They seek. And they find

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