VCU Menorah Review
VCU Menorah Review
Summer/Fall 2015
Number 83
For the Enrichment of Jewish Thought

VCU Menorah Review is an electronic journal dealing with all areas of Judaic culture, distributed without charge via the internet. Issues appear biannually: winter/spring and summer/fall. Online submissions are welcome: (Word format).


It has been my great pleasure, a source of profound fulfillment, to have served as the founding editor of Menorah Review, now in its 83rd issue. I am retiring within the next year, and this is a time of transition. Hopefully, my successor will continue publishing. But in this special world of academic freedom, it will be his/her choice. Although an editor should be able to articulate even the most difficult and delicate themes, I am sincerely at a loss of words to express my gratitude to all the contributing editors of this publication, some of whom have been with us and supporting me right from the beginning.

A special thanks to my editorial consultant, Dr. Clifford Edwards, who has been my partner, advocate, writer, and friend from the beginning. With a slight “disruption of service,” I hope to be an avid reader of future issues. Although “administration” sounds rather impersonal, the administration of Virginia Commonwealth University has been a constant support, especially the team at University Relations, who make every issue appear on the Internet.

Jack D. Spiro


Jack D. Spiro

Editorial Consultant:
Cliff Edwards

VCU University Relations

Contributing Editors:
Paul R. Bartrop
Jerome E. Copulsky
Frank E. Eakin Jr.
Cliff Edwards
Yudit K. Greenberg
Daniel Grossberg
Peter J. Haas
Hannah Hashkes
Herbert Hirsch
Philip Hollander
Brian Horowitz
Frederic Krome
Janet Madden
Shulamit S. Magnus
Rafael Medoff
Robert Michael
Rochelle L. Millen
Alison Rose
Matthew B. Schwartz
Richard E. Sherwin
Jonathan T. Silverman
Kristin Swenson
Kenneth Waltzer
Steven F. Windmueller

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